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Effective real time operational management for every venue, every programme

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All sports have unique challenges throughout their organisations and venues, whether football stadia, race tracks or Grand Prix circuits: controlling access, validating training and certification, shift management and many more complex requirements, across thousands of employees and service providers. In addition, sports coaching programmes cater to many thousands of young people across the UK. Clubs and organisations operating these sessions vary, however, they all have the same duty of care and health and safety obligations to their participants.

From national venues to local clubs, Catenae provide effective operational management in real time, from scheduling and management of staff through to attendee recording and reporting, improving administration efficiency and accuracy of data. All accessible from any internet enabled mobile device, at any location, at any time.

A digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity, qualifications and certifications.

A remote workforce management tool that logs reports and inspections to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them.

Proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status in a securely encrypted, fully GDPR compliant digital wallet housed in a mobile app.

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Catenae has a range of products to support the sports sector:

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