Highly regulated industries need products that provide irrefutable, compliant sources of truth

This is what Catenae provides. Data entered on our blockchain-based systems can never be fraudulently tampered with. Our GDPR compliant range of products validate the identity or health status of individual employees, service providers or customers. They also enable businesses to  of individual employees and service providers or customers. And allow our customers to remotely schedule work shifts and tasks.

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A mobile app containing a securely encrypted digital wallet that provides demonstrable proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status. Fully GDPR compliant. View product >

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OnSite HospitalityID

Allows the hospitality sector to quickly, securely and compliantly collect and store customers’ details on each visit. Works as a standalone, customisable or can be seamlessly integrated into an existing app. View product >

OnSite TaskManager

A remote workforce management tool that securely logs inspections and reports to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them. View product >

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OnSite WorkID

A fully GDPR compliant digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity plus the current status of any qualifications or certifications to a third party. View product >

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What is blockchain?

The term blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology: a powerful, secure means of holding information. All participants in a chain, from two individuals to thousands, hold the same ledger of information which is accessed from their computer or digital device. This can range from transactions to shift patterns, qualifications or clearance to enter a site.


Whenever an individual makes a change (amending a document, uploading a new document, verifying a task) that alteration is logged and time-stamped against that individual and the whole blockchain updates.


Different individuals can have different access levels to the system. Also, individuals can remove their own personal data from the blockchain, however an anonymised link to any alterations they made will remain. This means the distributed nature of the information held ensures the blockchain itself is secure and is also protected from illegal tampering. In short, blockchain provides an irrefutable record of actions that have occurred for the business or organisation that has established it.


This removes the need to rely on any individual intermediary or agent for the truth. The distributed structure of blockchain has security baked into it. Meaning trust shifts from people and institutions to technology, delivering the protection that businesses, their employees and service providers need.