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Time is of The Essence: the importance of accelerating the safe reopening of society and the economy

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Recently, the UK vaccinated 873,784 people in a single day – it’s COVID-19 inoculation program is one of the most efficient in the world.

But where do we go from here? With the UK's economy in a trough – with figures showing it contracted further in January 2021 – we need to get the wheels in motion once again.

Employees, business owners, non-paid carers, and the government alike are relying on a swift, safe return to a ‘normal’ existence. One where we can be productive, enjoy our lives, and interact with others without a raft of boundaries in the way. But people are nervous. With reports that Covid-19 will potentially be in society for years to come they want to be sure they are going into a safe environment.

The road to back to normality

The vaccination rollout has certainly laid the foundations for the road back to normality, but to prove effective in a societal and economical sense, clear cut strategies need to exist.

Test and vaccination passports offer an effective and entirely viable route back to normality by empowering individuals to provide proof or their test or vaccination status from their smartphone or mobile device.

But, while an efficient test and vaccination passport system will boost confidence and truly enable social and economic recovery, it is clear that this route will not be a universal option. Therefore, this solution must go hand in hand with options for those who are unable or have chosen not to be vaccinated.

Creating trust & transparency across the board

In the Age of Information, the fear that ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ is ever-present. However, every day we waste waiting for a solution to get society moving once again, we risk further economic loss and social damage.

The time to act is now – and by creating a sense of trust and transparency – a test and vaccination passport will catalyse our return to a better, brighter, more prosperous existence.

Catenae has the solution…

Our Test & Vaccination Passport App runs on a secure, swift, and scalable operating system designed to empower people across industries to prove their vaccination status. It leverages Catenae’s many years of experience and expertise in operating secure blockchain technology.

Developed in-line with stringent government rules and guidance, our Test & Vaccination Passport app is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 Certified. An individual’s personal information is kept secure in UK data centres and is not stored on or accessed by anyone’s mobile device.

Once the user downloads the app and verifies their identity, they can share their Covid-19 test or vaccination status by simply presenting a unique QR code (that cannot be edited or tampered with) on the screen of their phone. A ‘Gatekeeper’ can scan the QR code quickly and easily with their own device. Once scanned, they will receive immediate confirmation of the individual’s test status (a negative test within the last 72 hours) or vaccination status. The Gatekeeper cannot see any other data about the individual and the test or vaccination status information is not stored on the Gatekeeper’s device.

Our secure operating system is efficient, easy to use, and ready to roll out across industries from the private sector to Border Force, local government and beyond.

A simple, secure, and centralised system that will give businesses the tools to get moving again, while enabling individuals the freedom to go back to normal life with complete confidence that their data is entirely private, protected, and compliant.

To find out more about our Test and Vaccination Passport App, contact the team on

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