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The Role Of Digital Passports In Uncertain Times

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

COVID-19 still poses a serious threat and as of 31st December 2020, the EU ‘interim arrangements’ officially ended for the UK - a decidedly unexplored, uncertain new world has arrived.

Throughout industries where people need to operate in-person or on-premises, there is a growing need to track eligibility to work with maximum efficiency across the board.

In a time where the pandemic lingers in the air and legislative goal posts are constantly changing - there is no room for complacency.

Keeping the wheels turning into the unknown

The concepts of Digital Test Certificates and Vaccination passports have been touted to aid freer movement and travel by empowering individuals to prove their inoculation status with the scan of a screen or the click of a button.

Firms like Pimlico Plumbers, Saga Cruises and Qantas for instance, are a testament to the strong stance businesses are taking concerning vaccinations in the workplace.

While vaccination passports offer a potential solution to mitigate the logistical restrictions of COVID-19 - the nation’s (understandably) virus-centric focus has, to some extent, seen Brexit slip between the cracks of consideration.

There are around 2.2 million EU workers in the UK - many of which don't currently meet existing visa or eligibility requirements.

If your workforce consists of talented non-UK nationals, they will need to prove their work status. Moreover, it’s important that your entire workforce has the tools to update its certifications, qualifications, credentials, and eligibility to work from one central location.

Digital passports empower everyone within the business to take charge of their work-based details and data while giving business leaders or decision-makers the transparency they need to maintain cohesion, communication, and productivity at all times.

Enter the digital passport

To plough on and continue thriving in the COVID & Brexit age, being able to ensure the entire workforce remains safe, compliant, and up to date with their documentation or qualifications, implementing a smart digital wallet solution is essential. Catenae has the solution.

Our cutting-edge operating system will keep you on track and measure the COVID status of your entire workforce while updating their work eligibility information and data with ease.

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, security or education, we can tailor our digitally-driven personnel management passport solution to meet your specific operational needs.

OnSite WorkID is a completely accessible digital wallet or passport that empowers personnel to validate their identity, prove work eligibility, manage credentials and update their health or vaccination status from one central dashboard. This standard of accessibility gives management the ability to lead their staff through choppy waters with pinpoint precision across the board.

A simple, secure, and centralised platform that will help your business tackle it’s personnel management strategy with complete confidence while ensuring every single strand of data is 100% private, protected and compliant. Welcome to the future.

To find out more about our solutions contact the team on

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