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The Pressing Challenge of Managing Construction Personnel On-Site

As a vast and increasingly fragmented industry, the construction sector faces significant personnel management challenges.

While consolidating areas of the construction industry is a top priority right now, in these challenging times, ‘taming the beast’ seems like an uphill struggle.

High staff turnover, coupled with the wide geographical spread of building sites, presents many staff management roadblocks—and construction leaders need an innovative approach to personnel strategy to survive long term.

Finding efficiency in an ever-expanding sector

As the biggest sector in the UK economy, the construction industry employs 3.1 million people, equating to 9% of the nation’s workforce.

The industry is expanding fast—expected to reach £236.8 billion by 2024—and the growing demand for personnel is only serving to expose glaring personnel management inefficiencies which include:

  • Site access based on permits and eligibility to work.

  • The upkeep of worker credentials and certification to conduct specific projects and tasks.

  • Proof of health status during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This triple-threat is creating significant bottlenecks for construction managers resulting in site access delays and frequent drops in productivity.

Fragmented and bureaucratic processes are costing the industry untold amounts of time and money—without a change in initiative, these issues will spiral out of control.

Digital technology & the future of construction

Even as the pandemic slows and we embrace the rollout of vaccines, the ongoing need for workers to gain site access and prove not just that they can legally work but also demonstrate their credentials as well as health status will remain for the foreseeable future.

To drive efficiency, create transparency, and consolidate these most pressing of personnel management challenges, the construction industry needs to embrace forward-thinking digitally-driven innovations. At Catenae, we have the solutions.

Our construction-centric personnel management solutions transform operations with integrated workplace management tools that will streamline your working practices and boost efficiency across the board:

OnSite WorkID is a user-friendly digital wallet that empowers users to validate their identity, greenlight work eligibility and evidence qualifications, checks or certifications from one place. It will give senior personnel the tools to manage their employees with confidence and accuracy, improving internal communication in the process.

OnSite TaskManager is a completely scalable remote workforce management solution that makes fluid task execution and tracking possible through a secure operating system. Each user can access the platform with a user friendly app to optimise a wealth of operational processes with ease, creating operational transparency.

Additionally, Catenae’s cutting-edge operating system delivers Intelligent Dashboarding functionality that gives authorised users the visibility to manage, plan, and respond to constant change, backed by timely, reliable data and insights.

Our secure, GDPR compliant systems are underpinned by blockchain technology which ensures that the information can be trusted at all times. Every update is logged, timestamped and recorded in a blockchain to maintain an irrefutable record of what has happened. Simple and secure platforms that will protect construction companies and help tackle their personnel management challenges with confidence regardless of what else is happening in the industry.

To find out more about our solutions contact the team on

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