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Providing certainty in local authority service provision to young people

Safeguarding young people is one of the key duties of care for local authorities, such as risk checking the venues and clubs where services are provided - a task made more complicated post-Covid-19. DBS checking of staff and service providers is another example of an essential service: for example, in the case of sports programmes, where 22% of coaches train individuals aged between 14-17, while 54% of them have no formal qualification[1].

Managing legislative and compliance needs effectively

These are complex requirements and the advent of the pandemic has added workforce management pressure to the mix; 80% of council staffs are currently working from home as opposed to 5% pre-lockdown[2]. This makes dealing with a large team of employees and service providers with different qualifications, across venues that also have widely differing legislative and compliance issues, a challenging task.

How blockchain technology aids management, reduces risk

The use of blockchain technology can ease these pressures. This is a powerful, secure means of holding information and provides an irrefutable record of actions that have occurred for the organization that has established it. Information that has been entered into the blockchain cannot be fraudulently tampered with. Its distributed structure has security baked in.

A powerful range of products

At Catenae, we use blockchain technology to power a range of people-centric products that can enable trust, certainty and control for local authorities and their service providers. Removing the risks of errors or misplaced information for both parties.

Proof of identity

An example is OnSite WorkID. This app-based product, housed on a mobile device, allows the user simply and with absolute certainty to prove their identity, plus the current status of any qualifications or certifications they may have, to a third party. Blockchain technology ensures that documents stored within the system are tamper-proof and all information is securely held in a GDPR compliant format. Verification is via the exchange of a single-use QR code. In addition, the system can provide reminders to the user, for example when a DBS update is required.

Proof of service

Another tool valuable for providing proof of service is OnSite TaskManager. This is a mobile management, inspection and reporting solution that combines real-time management of a remote workforce with paperless inspection and reporting, encompassed with an audited proof of work, underwritten by the immutability of blockchain.

For a given task, such as a venue safety check, an inspection must be confirmed on the system, and then noted as passed. If the inspection is failed, that too is noted, and a photograph uploaded.

All information then becomes part of the blockchain that powers TaskManager. Each report generates its own audit trail, showing time of submission and geographic location. A copy of all documentation and notes and a comprehensive asset RAG status is accessed via a dashboard. This cannot be fraudulently tampered with, providing protection and certainty for both employer and employee and ensuring mutual trust.

Providing peace of mind

Catenae ensures that local authorities can work as effectively as possible to provide their services to young people, with the peace of mind of definitively knowing that the status and qualifications of their venues, employees and service providers can be definitively proven whenever required.

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