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Helping the hospitality sector safely & securely welcome customers back

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

New regulations mean the hospitality sector faces further risks when welcoming customers back. But there is a simple solution.

COVID-19 has changed the hospitality business, perhaps for good. There is great uncertainty in the sector over future prospects and the actual mechanics of re-opening safely and economically. But after sector sales dropped 87% in the second quarter of 2020, equivalent to nearly £30bn in lost revenue[1], getting customers back through the doors is a priority.

Increased regulations, increased risks, increased liability

But to do so is challenging. People need to feel confident in entering hospitality premises and there are many new health and safety measures for businesses to comply with if customers are to do so.

Not least of these is getting customers to give you their personal data. But people are wary of giving away this information - not least due to reports of personal data being kept by the door of premises, visible to anyone who enters.

But for the hospitality sector, it’s now an essential part of the daily routine the sector needs to follow to comply with government regulations. It’s a difficult task, hard to police and leaves businesses exposed to serious risk if data protection legislation is breached.

HospitalityID from Catenae is an app that allows people to provide their personal data in a totally secure form

A simple, powerful solution

Luckily, there is an answer that can not only protect businesses and their customers, but also allows them to build a valuable dialogue at a time when it is most needed.

HospitalityID from Catenae is an app that allows people to provide their personal data in a totally secure form. It is a passport to enter premises that both businesses and customers can completely rely on.

Powered by blockchain technology that ensures data cannot be fraudulently tampered with, HospitalityID only requires the user to enter their name and contact details into a fully customisable app once. They are then given a unique customer reference, displayed as a QR code on their app when entering any premise, which the staff simply scans. The app works as a standalone product or it can be seamlessly integrated into any apps businesses already have.

And that’s it. HospitalityID timestamps every visit and in the event of a Covid-19 outbreak, the business simply requests that the system sends a push notification to the relevant customers.

An opportunity to develop loyal customers

Fully GDPR compliant, customers are in control of their data at all times and have an automatic right to be forgotten by the system at any time. And they can also opt-in to receive offers and notifications, providing the opportunity to turn returning customers into loyal regulars. Additionally, if HospitalityID is integrated into an existing app, all marketing preferences are maintained for each individual meaning businesses can let them know about their new, secure data collection functionality and invite them back with ease.

As lockdown ends and the hospitality sector cautiously looks towards the future, hospitality businesses, their staff and customers all need renewed confidence and peace of mind. Innovations like HospitalityID will be fundamental to delivering them.

[1] 27.07.20, quoting UKHospitality New Quarterly Tracker

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