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Bringing Local Government Into The Future: It's Time To Deliver The Goods

From community outreach to mentoring, safeguarding, diversity support, and beyond, there are so many entities to consider to ensure that local governments meet the ever-changing needs of the people.

But, antiquated systems coupled with mass fragmentation is causing major roadblocks when it comes to delivering services at a grassroots level.

Technology is vital to the success of the public sector and local governments are in need of a long overdue digital makeover.

Fragmentation & failing technology a pressing issue

Back in June 2020, the national government pledged £63 million to local authorities across the UK—funds dedicated to helping maintain services while supporting vulnerable people in a time when they need it most.

But, while these funds are no doubt invaluable to local authorities, without streamlined processes and the right technology, fragmentation will always exist.

If local governments or community support groups cannot manage their personnel management initiatives across the board, productivity will dwindle, communication will break down, and the people will suffer. To solve such pressing roadblocks, harnessing the power of digital technology is the only way forward.

It is, without any doubt, essential that local governments do more than just buy into emerging tech. To prove truly effective, managers will need to do more than just digitise systems. With tech comes significant amounts of data-driven insights, but no platform will prove its worth unless it’s possible to analyse and understand the information for practical output that increases efficiency while driving real change.

Digital technology & the dawning of a new age

To improve process & policy for a better local tomorrow, investing in digital innovations is essential, and Catenae has solutions which are easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructures, roll out and implement.

We have two apps that provide digital wallet and team management functionality and data streams into the operating system:

OnSite WorkID, a seamless digital wallet that empowers users to validate their identity, greenlight work eligibility and enter qualifications, checks or certifications from one centralised location, will give senior personnel the tools to manage their local government employees with accuracy, improving internal communication in the process.

OnSite TaskManager, a user-friendly and completely scalable remote workforce management platform, facilitates smooth task management from a secure operating system. With TaskManager, users can access the platform through an app to optimise a host of operational processes while creating a real sense of transparency across the board.

Additionally, our cutting-edge operating system boasts Intelligent Dashboarding functionality that gives senior operatives or representatives the vision to manage, plan, and respond to constant change, backed by valuable, concrete data.

Our secure, GDPR compliant systems are underpinned by blockchain technology which ensures that the information can be trusted at all times. Every update is logged, timestamped and recorded in a blockchain to maintain an irrefutable record of what has happened. Simple, secure and sustainable solutions that will bring local government into the future and deliver a raft of services to the people.

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