Monitoring and safeguarding solutions for social outreach programmes

A key function of local government is the provision of social outreach in the communities they serve, including mentoring, diversity support and promotion, youth programmes and sports outreach. These complex programmes occur in multiple locations at widely differing times and involve complex shift patterns for many staff. In addition, all these services have duty of care and health and safety obligations to their participants. These range from venue risk assessment through to vetting coaches via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Catenae provide monitoring and safeguarding solutions that operate in real time to ensure that training sessions are conducted safely, based on current information.

A digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity, qualifications and certifications.

A remote workforce management tool that logs reports and inspections to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them.

Proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status in a securely encrypted, fully GDPR compliant digital wallet housed in a mobile app.

Catenae has a range of products to support local government: