Catch up with Catenae’s latest interviews and discussions covering company news, insights and investments

Guy discusses the digital transformation of the construction industry, and the ways Catenae are enabling that.

Guy talks about Catenae’s latest collaborations with ProMake and SaxaVord UK Space Port on Shetland

Nick Delacamp talks about the ways Catenae’s tech can help make the events industry safer through the easy and secure migration to blockchain-led event management tools. From task assignment and management to staff accreditation, Catenae have the solution.

Guy talks to BBC News about Covid Passports, regenerating trust and putting people back in control of their data.

Guy talks to Zak Mir from Share Talk Ltd about Vaccination Passports - their role in opening up the economy safely and compliantly while ensuring that the individual is always on control of their data.

Guy talks to Proactive Investors about Catenae’s participation in the development of a Digital Identity Policy with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports. They also discuss Digital Passports, the democratisation of data and ensuring that people are in control of their own data.

Guy to Proactive Investors about Catenae’s Covid Operating System pilot and the £1m investment which will drive the business’ growth in tech and people.

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