How the App works

The Operating System is augmented with a mobile app which acts like a digital wallet. It enables individuals to carry identifications and certifications to gain access to an environment safely. It also provides a means to upload business critical information, such as Covid-19 test dates and results or vaccination status to the Operating System.

Below is an example usage flow which incorporates Access Control through the use of unique, 'single use’ QR codes. This could be used to access an office, sporting or entertainment venue, or any other location where there's a requirement to ensure individuals are safe to enter.

User signs into the App.
User can select certificate
to share when requested
e.g. test or vaccination.
The selected certificate Hash is unique to the user and certificate. Blockchain provide irrefutable proof.
User presents digital certificate.
Gatekeeper scans QR code.
Gatekeeper receives binary response. If required, original certificates can be viewed.
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Each use of the system can record time / date / geographic data to feed track and trace.

The key to the success of this approach is the use of Blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of the information from end to end.