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A secure way of proving customer identity that everyone can trust

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The hospitality sector has suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic and getting customers back through the door is a priority. But individuals now need to prove their identity when they get there. This is difficult for businesses, hard to police and leaving them exposed to serious risk if data protection legislation is breached.

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Catenae has created HospitalityID, a digital passport to enter premises that both businesses and customers can entirely rely on. It securely collects and stores customers’ details on each visit, with complete GDPR compliance.

Welcoming back customers back, safely

A digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity, qualifications and certifications.

A remote workforce management tool that logs reports and inspections to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them.

Proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status in a securely encrypted, fully GDPR compliant digital wallet housed in a mobile app.

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Additionally, we have a range of products that can help businesses securely manage employees and service providers:

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