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People-centric technology that enables trust, certainty and control for businesses, Government and their populations


About Catenae

Catenae provides the indisputable truth that people and businesses need in their interactions. In an increasingly volatile world, we use irrefutable blockchain technology to power a range of app-based products that allow organisations to take more effective control of their operations. Delivering the trust those businesses, their service providers and customers need to function efficiently.

Who we work with

Catenae work across Commercial Sectors and Government. Our trusted technology delivers solutions that provide transparent demonstrations of truth and reinforces trust between businesses, Governments and their populations.

Commercial Sectors

We work with a broad range of commercial sector businesses, notably those with highly regulated environments, to provide safe, secure solutions to their everyday needs. From access control, to entire workforce management including ID, work permit and certification validation.


Catenae provide tech solutions and consulting services to Government. Our Operating System supports the growth and integration of digital policies and frameworks into society, such as Digital Identity Policies and Vaccination Passports, ensuring the citizen is always in control of their personal data.


Our range of B2B and B2C products validate the identity or health status of individual employees, service providers or customers. They also enable businesses to remotely schedule work shifts and tasks.
All our products are GDPR compliant.

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Catenae Product Icons - OnSite Hospitali
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Catenae Product Icons - OnSite TaskManag

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