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Workforce management solutions for the FM sector

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The maintenance of an organisation’s infrastructure is essential to the maintenance of safety and productivity. Covering key areas such as fire life safety, asbestos management, plumbing and building maintenance and extending to cleaning, waste management and access control, FM controls require all compliance and regulatory requirements to be met, with inspections and training kept up to date and proven to be so. For thousands of personnel, whatever their level and function.

Catenae provide the workforce management solutions needed to ensure this certainty and control. With digital wallets that provide the correct, up to date information for every individual, delivering inspection and reporting, incident reporting, scheduling and timesheet management.

A digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity, qualifications and certifications.

A remote workforce management tool that logs reports and inspections to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them.

Proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status in a securely encrypted, fully GDPR compliant digital wallet housed in a mobile app.

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Catenae has a range of products to support the Facilities Management sector:

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