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Validating an individual’s Covid-19 status in the workplace and recreational environments

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COV-ID is a simple, universal solution to the challenges that Covid-19 presents to businesses and service providers, powered by blockchain technology.  A mobile app contains a securely encrypted digital wallet that provides demonstrable proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status.

• Fully GDPR compliant

• Compliments governments' Covid-19 strategies 


Providing verifiable Covid-19 status in any market worldwide, COV-ID brings peace of mind wherever people congregate.

How it works

  1. A user has Covid-19 antigen/antibody test/retest, then the Validated ID & test result are written to the Blockchain and uploaded onto App.

  2. The user approaches a location or security entrance.

  3. The user opens the COV- I D App on their smartphone.

  4. Guard/Access Control System scans QRcode using device/scanner, opening link to digital wallet.

  5. Guard/Access Control System checks ID and certificate, then confirms admission or refusal.

User receives push notifications about results status and other clinical guidance

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