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Providing protection and trust for infrastructure and building projects

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The construction of major infrastructure and building projects relies on a large number of complex factors working efficiently together. With multiple sites, many different types and levels of skill set, multiple and varied regulations and compliance issues, the challenges are immense. McKinsey research estimates that large capital projects can take 20% longer to finish and cost up to 80% more than expected. And the consequences of mistakes or misunderstandings on any site are potentially disastrous.

Catenae deliver the protection and trust that businesses, project managers, employees and service providers need. With a mobile inspection and reporting solution that allows the smooth operational management of tens of thousands of people across multiple locations, shift patterns and job functions. Each with a personal digital wallet that is as individual as their own fingerprint.

A digital wallet that allows an individual to prove their identity, qualifications and certifications.

A remote workforce management tool that logs reports and inspections to the blockchain and allows secure scheduling of shifts and the tasks within them.

Proof of an individual’s Covid-19 status in a securely encrypted, fully GDPR compliant digital wallet housed in a mobile app.

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Catenae has a range of products to support the construction sector:

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