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Catenae & BHA-Medical Partnership


Catenae and BHA-Medical are working together to enable trust, certainty

and control for governments, businesses and organisations, as well as their populations, employees and service providers through our ‘Test, Monitor & Management Programme’.


BHA-Medical provide the most advanced technologies in the field of medicine. We combine this with clinical expertise and excellence to deliver an enriched quality of service for our customers across the globe.


Catenae are at the forefront of digital transformation globally. We provide a range of solutions which help organisations to better manage and control their operations through safe, secure Data Management Platforms, digital Passport apps and dynamic Data Intelligence Dashboards.


Together we give businesses and organisations the capability to mitigate risk by responding proactively to the Covid-19 pandemic with our fully integrated ‘Test, Monitor & Manage programme’.

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Antai Covid-19 Triple Antibody Test (IgA, IgM, IgG) Triple Antibody Testing Product UK exclusivity

Healgen Covid-19 Antigen Test Government Predetermined Scientific Test

  • We also arrange for occupational health professionals, including nurses, to either provide their services directly to you or they can train your in-house medical, first aid or health and safety teams.

  • Catenae’s technologies allow for the monitoring and rapid response management to Covid-19 outbreaks through Catenae’s blockchain-powered operating systems. The health teams can also be trained to input the results into a portal that will deliver Intelligent Data to you on a dashboard, enabling you to respond in a fast and targeted way to any outbreak.

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